KBI 311855 Location Dots In Argent SuperMaps Are Not Displayed In The Correct Positions In Argent Commander


Argent Commander 5.0A-2006-A


Thursday, 13 August 2020


Argent Commander SuperMaps screen does not display the designated location dots in the positions configured in Argent AT

Screenshot of Argent SuperMaps screen In Argent Commander with dislocated dots

Screenshot of Argent SuperMaps in Argent AT with correctly configured location dots

Technical Background

Argent Commander provides an option to increase the dot display diameter of Argent SuperMaps to a fixed size

This option is handy when Argent SuperMaps is to be displayed on a big screen

The issue occurs only when the dot diameter is changed from “Automatically Scaled” to “Fixed” and assigned a large value

The dislocation is more prominent with higher pixel values

It is also observed that the size of the dots does not increase in Argent Commander, even if it is configured to appear bigger

This is a coding issue and will be addressed in the next version of Argent Commander