KBI 311881 How Argent Insulates IIS From Failing Products


All Argent Web Products – All versions


Wednesday, 21 October 2020


Argent uses IIS application pools to insulate Microsoft Internet Information Services from a failing Argent product

Technical Background

Assume you have 100 applications in 15 application pools

If one Argent product is running in one application pool and the Argent product suffers an issue or needs to abort, it will affect only that application pool

All other applications – both third-party and Argent – running in other application pools continue to work smoothly

Argent creates a different application pool for each of Argent web product

Separate application pools are created for:

  • Argent Global Manager
  • Argent Commander
  • Argent Reports
  • Argent WorldView

Therefore, an issue with a single Argent product causing an abort of the application pool will affect neither other Argent products nor other programs using IIS