KBI 311880 Argent Job Scheduler Reports A Connected Argent Queue Engine’s Service As Deactivated


Argent Job Scheduler 1911-B and above,

Windows Argent Queue Engine: 1911-A and below

Linux Argent Queue Engine: 0607 and below


Wednesday, 21 October 2020


Argent Job Scheduler reports certain connected Argent Queue Engine services as deactivated even though Jobs are submitted and processed successfully

Technical Background

Argent Job Scheduler was enhanced to introduce a new licensing mechanism from version 1911-B

This provided the user an additional option to choose from two modes of Argent Queue Engine installation – Dependent mode or Standalone mode

Argent Queue Engines in dependent mode do not have individual licenses

All the license details are centrally located in one license file with the Argent Scheduling Engine

On the other hand, Standalone Argent Queue Engines have a license key of there on (legacy way)

In versions 1911-B and above of Argent Job Scheduler, as part of the new licensing mechanism, a pulse check (REQ_QE_PULSE) is implemented to check the status of the connected Argent Queue Engines

Argent Job Scheduler sends a workorder request (REQ_QE_PULSE) to the connected Argent Queue Engines

If the connected Windows Argent Queue Engine is older than 1911-B version, or Linux is older than 1910 version, the work order request fails to process

This condition cannot be addressed by the Argent Job Scheduler, which considers the older version of the Standalone Argent Queue Engine to be holding an invalid license

Log lines similar to the following appear in the Argent Job Scheduler log file – QUEUE_ENGINE_MONITOR_SQL_LOG.TXT

The Argent Job Scheduler GUI shows the affected Argent Queue Engine as deactivated, but Job submission is not affected

This is a simple nuisance issue that appears in the log file and GUI

Submission and processing of Jobs is not affected

The issue occurs when running Windows Argent Queue Engine older than 1911-B or Linux Argent Queue Engine older than 1910 with Argent Job Scheduler version 1911-B or above


Upgrade to version 1911-B or above in the case of Windows Argent Queue Engine or to version 1910 in the case of Linux Argent Queue Engines