KBI 311889 New Feature: Exclude Lines Containing Some Keywords In Device Configuration Output


Argent for SNMP 5.1A-2010-D and later


Friday, 20 November 2020


A new feature prevents false alert about device configuration changes due to constantly changing timestamp output.

Technical Background

CISCO devices use command ‘show running-config’ to download current device configuration. The output generally contains current time and NTP clock information. As a result, the output is different each time running the command, even though there have been no actual configuration changes.




A new feature has been implemented to exclude such lines easily. For example, keyword ‘ntp clock-period’ can be specified to exclude the NTP clock information from device configuration output.

Up to ten keywords can be specified

The new feature is included in Argent AT 5.1A-2010-D and later.


Upgrade to Argent AT 5.1A-2010-D or later.