KBI 311909 Optimizing Argent On AWS And Azure By Using Local Agents


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Thursday, 28 January 2021


Whenever an Argent Main Engine reside on Azure or AWS and the monitored servers reside outside the cloud platform, high bandwidth utilization can often occur between the two networks.

As most cloud platforms charge for every possible item, this can become very expensive — typical cloud platforms charge for bandwidth to and from the cloud network.

This can be simply, quickly, and easily addressed by using local Argent agents.

Technical Background

Argent services need to login to the monitored servers for monitoring.

During the login/authentication process (handshaking), network traffic is generated.

Doing this authentication handshake once or twice is unimportant, but doing it thousands of times is significant.

In addition shipping Argent Predictor data from the monitored servers to the Main Engine can also consume considerable bandwidth.

For customers with high number of servers, it translates to high bandwidth – and needless AWS or Azure expense.


Install one or more Argent Daughter Engines outside the cloud platform (on-premises, leased datacenter etc.) to be responsible for monitoring of the local servers, and to compress Argent Predictor data to be shipped to the Main Engines in AWS or Azure.

Please refer to: Link for specific TCP port to be opened prior to the Argent Daughter Engine deployment.

In addition, Argent has a smart mechanism to determine which Daughter Engine to use for which network, this called ‘Dynamic Scheduling’.

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Proper planning is essential for the efficient working of the above architecture – Argent can provide complete architectural planning at no cost.