KBI 311908 Argent Sentinel Reports A Web Site Down Time In SLA Report But Did Not Fire Alert For The Event


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Thursday, 28 January 2021


SLA Report URL might have down time periods but customer did not received alerts for the events.

Further investigation of TEST log of the specific time shows that script did failed due to ‘Read Timeout’.

Also TEST definition has option ‘Ignore Internal Exception Error’ checked.

Because Web Session script did fail, web site is correctly registered as down. However, because Internal Exception Error, of which ‘Read Timeout’ is one, web site down event is not fired.

These exception errors are mostly caused by over stressed testing machine, though the genuine down web site cannot be ruled out completely.

To minimize such confusing events, it is recommended to set retry at least 2 times. This should be done at Web Session script level.

To be 100 percent sure, customer can also turn off the option ‘Ignore Internal Exception Error’.

Technical Background