KBI 311936 How To Export CMDB-X to XML Via Argent Guardian Ultra GUI


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Monday, 29 June 2021


Argent’s CMDB-X is an extensible database of servers and devices in a network environment of an enterprise organization.

CMDB-X provides complete network discovery of all servers and TCP/IP devices in the network using Active Directory, Network Browser, ICMP Ping, Windows Cluster and SNMP Discovery.

Many of the enterprise customers prefer to keep their network hierarchy, for their ease of use, in XML files. Due to its simplicity, many of the network administrators also prefer to work with XML and many of the scripting languages like PowerShell provides easy interfaces for XML to manipulate with.

Argent Guardian Ultra GUI allows exporting of CMDB-X to XML file

See KBI 311512 for exporting CMDB-X to CSV file via command line

See KBI 311935 for exporting CMDB-X to CSV file via Argent Global Manager

Technical Background

This utility exports the CMDB-X information to a CSV file.

The CSV file will be exported to a local folder on server.


1) From Argent Guardian Ultra GUI or any product GUI

2) Select CMDB-X

3) Right Click in window where servers are listed

4) Select Export CMDB-X

5) Select folder location and enter file name then click save to download the XML file