KBI 311946 Issue Addressed: False Event Correction Alert For VMware Snapshot


Argent Advanced Technology 5. 5.1A-2107-C and Earlier


Friday, 10 Sep 2021


Argent for VMware VM Snapshot Rule correctly alerted about aged snapshot. However, the product wrongly alerted about event correction.

Technical Background

The issue was caused by coding error.

Example of Trace Log wrongly reported snapshot age is within the 1-hour rule threshold

Thu Sep 02 16:00:29.382 ARGENT_SERVER argent_svc All VM Snapshots On Virtual Machine ‘Example_VM’ Were Created Within Past 1 Hour (Oldest: Snapshot_Name – 05 Aug 2021 15:26:51)


Upgrade to Argent AT 5.1A-2110-A or Later.