KBI 220008 Multiple Perflib Errors In The NT Event Log


Windows 3.1 to Windows 2008


19 Apr 1999


Occasionally when accessing an NT performance counter NT generates a Perflib error in the System or Application event logs.

This is a known issue with several performance DLLs such as those for SNA Server, Compaq Insight Manager, and Exchange.

These errors are not consistent — they can occur on one machine but not another, allegedly identical, machine.

Technical Background



The simplest workaround for this Microsoft issue is to rename the registry key that loads the performance DLL.

For example:

  • Using REGEDIT (not REGEDT32 – it does not support rename)
  • HKLM — rename the “Performance” key to “XPerformance”.
  • If the production schedule allows, Reboot the machine for changes to take effect.
  • This will disable the performance counter. You will be unable to use this counter with any performance monitor.

Reference: Microsoft Support articles Q180054 and Q186713.

This issue has nothing to do with Argent.

To prove this, you can use the built-in PerfMon to access the server with the issue; the same errors will appear.