KBI 220058 BAROC Files And The Tivoli Interface


Argent Guardian 6.2A-0306 and Below


11 Jul 2001


Customer using Tivoli interface but is not receiving alerts.

Technical Background

The BAROC file mentioned in this KBI is a file used by Tivoli to allow products to communicate with Tivoli.

Argent provides a BAROC file for use with Tivoli , and the BAROC file is located in Argent download.


In the Argent Console go to the Engine Manager tab, check the box stating “Enable Synchronization With TIVOLI Server”; specify the server name on the right-hand side.

Find the GUARDIAN.BAROC file.

Supply this file to the Tivoli administrator to be parsed.

Tivoli use this file to correctly identify and interpret traffic from Argent.

Remind Customer to contact Tivoli technical support to receive assistance about the Tivoli BAROC file.