KBI 310311 Alerts Sent As Flash SMS Instead Of Text


Argent AT and Argent XT


7 May 2012


In certain countries, such as Malaysia, after configuring the SMS Alerts on the Argent Console, the Alerts delivered appear on the mobile phone as a Flash SMS.

On mobile phones which do not support Flash SMS, such as Androids, the alert will not be delivered at all.

The only option available is to Dismiss and the Alert will not be saved on the phone’s messages folder

Technical Background

When the Flash SMS are delivered instead of the traditional Text SMS, it means that the radio setting of the GPRS modem has not been set to default.


  1. Confirm the Radio setting on the GPRS Modem by running the AT+CSMP? command on PuTTy

    From the command of AT+CSMP?, it is noted that the output is 1,202,0,20

    The last variable 20 is an encoding format, for which is a ‘reserved coding group’. I reset the value to 0 as it should be the default setting for the radio.

    For detailed information, please refer to the following:


  2. Reset the Radio setting on the GPRS Modem by running the following command:


  3. Test the delivery of the SMS by running the following command:


    > Hello Test (CTRL+Z to execute)

    The SMS delivered will now be the traditional text based