KBI 310387 New Feature: Last Data Point Column In Scheduled Monitoring Task Screen C2 In Argent For Compliance


Argent AT 3.1A-1304-L or above


28 Apr 2013


A new column ‘Last Data Point’ has been added to the Scheduled Monitoring Task screen (C2) in Argent For Compliance

This new column indicates which point the Relator has reached in the log, whether it is an Event Log, a parsed text log, or a SYSLOG, etc.

This is very convenient when dealing with large logs such as Windows Security Logs from a Domain Controller

Customers will be able to track the last point that Argent for Compliance has scanned up to, when verifying reports or troubleshooting why a recent event does not appear in a report

If customers see a continuous “lag” where the ‘Last Data Point’ isn’t catching up with the present time, this could be an indication that the scanning interval is too frequent compared to the amount of new log entries generated

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Technical Background