KBI 310388 New Feature: High Performance Monitoring Of System Down Rule And SLA Rule For Argent Guardian Ultra


Argent AT 3.1A-1304-L or above


28 Apr 2013


Server up/down status monitoring using System Down Rule and SLA Rule can account for a large share of Argent AT monitoring.

For busy systems, the late/skipped task rate can spike from time to time.

It is generally caused by I/O bottlenecks when handling a huge amount of work-order files on the file system.

To improve system performance, customers can set the registry HKLM\Software\Argent\ARGENT_GUARDIAN_ULTRA\RUN_DOWN_RULE_THREAD_LIMIT to 256, and restart the Argent Guardian Ultra service (on the Mother and/or Daughters that are responsible for running SLA Rules).

Argent will run System Down Rules and SLA Rule with the option of NetRemoteTOD API or TCP/IP Ping within the Supervising Engine process.

Technical Background