KBI 310442 Enhancement: New Set Of Rules Best Practice Configuration Checks In Argent for SQL Server


Argent Advanced Technology 1304-L and above


Friday, 3 May 2013


Argent Advanced Technology has been enhanced with a new set of Rules called ‘Best Practice Configuration Checks‘ in Argent for SQL Server which check areas for performance improvement

Technical Background

Best Practice Configuration Checks Contains The Following Rules

These are checks which should generally be done immediately after an instance is brought online and is setup.

However, running these checks across all SQL Servers will show areas for performance improvement and potentially cut off a looming performance issue

  • Max Server Memory
  • Checks whether Max Memory is set or not

  • Log And Data File Location
  • Checks whether Log and Data file are on separate disk volume or not

  • TempDB And Processor Cores
  • Checks whether number of TempDB files and number of processor cores is equal

  • TempDB Data File Location
  • Checks whether TempDB data file is on its own disk volume

  • TempDB Log File Location
  • Checks whether TempDB log file is on its own disk volume

  • Max MAXDOP
  • Checks whether MAXDOP is not set to zero for the servers with number of processors more than or equal to 12

  • Dedicated Administrator Connection
  • Checks whether dedicated Administrators Connection is enabled or not

  • Log and Data File Growth
  • Checks whether Log and Data file growth are set to a constant value or not