KBI 310443 Enhancement: Reconfigured Instant Best Practice Rules More Realistically And Precisely In Argent for SQL Server


Argent Advanced Technology 1304-L and above


Friday, 3 May 2013


Argent Advanced Technology has been enhanced with reconfiguring the ‘Instant Best Practice Rules‘ more realistically and precisely in Argent for SQL Server

Technical Background

Enhanced Argent for SQL Server by reconfiguring the Instant Best Practice values more realistically and precisely for the following Rules

  1. Login Rules
  2. Logout Rules
  3. Buffer Cache Hit Ratio Rules
  4. Page Life Expectancy Rules
  5. Lazy Write Rules
  6. Free List Stall Rules
  7. Free Pages Rules
  8. Memory Grants Pending Rules
  9. Page Splits Rules
  10. Work File Created Rules
  11. Full Scan Rules
  12. Lock Wait Rules
  13. Deadlock Rules
  14. Available Memory Rules
  15. Processor Time Rules