KBI 311520 Email Alerts Stop Working After Upgrading Argent AT


Argent AT – 5.1A 1610-A and above


Thursday, 16 February 2017


Email Alerts may stop working after upgrading to Argent AT – 5.1A 1610-A and above

Technical Background

Argent AT – 5.1A 1610-A introduces the following new feature to support additional SMTP settings;

KBI 311474 New Feature: Support SMTP And POP3 Servers Using TLS And SSL Protocols


SMTP settings that were working before the upgrade may stop working correctly after upgrading.


The introduction of this feature with the default setting of ‘No SSL‘ may not be the correct setting for some environments and may cause Argent to stop sending out Email Alerts.

Customers may need to change the default setting to one that best suits their SMTP server settings for Email Alerting to resume.

For more information on what settings to use, please see the following KBI: