KBI 311521 Argent Console Settings May Prevent Legitimate Alerts From Being Sent


Argent AT – 3.1A-1401-T6 or later


Tuesday, 28 February 2017


This is an Early Warning about an incident that occurred which prevented legitimate Alerts from being sent out.

A setting in the Argent Console ‘Maximum Pending Events To Fire Alerts‘ was set to ‘200

In this one instance, a customer had a Relator setup to post an Alert to the Argent Console for each occurrence of any Errors and Warnings detected in the Windows Event Log, on some occasions this would generate more than 200 events per day.

Once the number of Alerts reached 200, subsequent legitimate Alerts were prevented from being sent out.

In the Argent Console, the following was seen for each Alert after the soft limit of 200 had been breached;

Alert was not fired. Reason:

Total pending events exceed limit (200)

Technical Background

There are three settings in the Argent Console to limit the number of Alerts;

Maximum Pending Events To Fire Alert (Global)

Default value is 14,000

When pending Events from all sources exceed this limit, the event is still recorded in A1x screens, but the Alert is not fired as a result

It is a very unhealthy system if it has pending Events more than that

Maximum Events To Fire Alerts Per Hour (Global)

Default value is 500

To disable it, set it to 9,999

When Alerts fired for Events from all sources in past one hour exceed this limit, the event is still recorded in A1x screens, but the Alert is not fired as a result

Maximum Pending Events To Process (Same Node, Rule And Relator from One Product)

Default value is 100

To disable it, set it to 9,999

If pending Events from the same source exceed this limit, the event request will be rejected

Subsequent events will not be posted to the Argent Console

When the event request is rejected, it is definitely not a healthy condition

Argent AT Engine will constantly prompt the customer until the condition is resolved


Ensure that the Argent Console settings are set correctly according to the needs of each environment, for a detailed explanation on the settings please see the following KBI;