KBI 311971 Customizing Sender’s Email Address in Argent AT


All Versions of Argent AT


Friday, 4 February 2022


This article describes customizing sender’s email address in Argent AT.

A customer wanted to show a different sender’s email address for Argent email alert.

Technical Background

Argent AT supports customized sender’s email address on SMTP protocol.

Customized sender’s name is configurable in Alert Definition screen.

This specific field accepts custom sender’s name and email address in RFC 5322 standard.

Example of valid format, Argent Service <Custom_Name@Domain.com>

Email with unauthorized or invalid domain cannot be delivered.

This is subject to email service provide as part of email security.

Example of a Wrong Sender’s Name Configuration

Example of a Correct Sender’s Name Configuration


To ensure customized sender’s name and email works fine,

1. Define the ‘Sender Name’ field under Alert Definition.

2. The ‘Sender Name’ field should comply with RFC 5233 standard, as example above.

3. Email definition referenced by a production Relator.

Standalone email test does not reflect custom sender name and address.

4. Email domain is authorized and supported by email service provider.

Correct custom sender name and email address will be shown in email client.