KBI 311979 Apparent Database Error Could Not Query Table


All Versions of Argent AT


Friday, 18 March 2022


This article describes apparent database error interrupting Argent alerts, commonly caused by network issues.

Technical Background

Database or network connectivity issue can interrupt Argent monitoring even though Argent Service status states “running“.

Argent SVC Log contains useful details, for example, the SVC Log of Argent for SNMP is located in drive:\Argent\ArgentForSNMP\LOGS\ and so on.

The Argent SVC Log shows a large number of errors of “Could not query table” indicating apparent database errors, as example below.

However, this is most often cause by random and sporadic network connection issues, rather than actual database issues — the database is fine, but the Argent service cannot connect to it.

Microsoft Error Code = The connection is broken and recovery is not possible

In other words, a network issue.


1. Review Argent SVC Log as mentioned about.

2. Correct network issues.

3. Restart Argent service.

4. Confirm Argent service is now working correctly.