KBI 311980 How to Rename a Node in Argent Guardian


All Versions of Argent AT


Wednesday, 23 March 2022


Customer recently updated IP address for a network device and wanted to ensure Argent monitoring is up-to-date.

This article describes how to rename a node in Argent Guardian for the above scenario.

Technical Background

Renaming node in Argent is very easy and can be done in Argent Console?s CMDB-X screen.

Renaming Node in Argent AT

1. Navigate to CMDB-X, locate the node.

2. Right click the node, then click on Rename This Server or Device.

3. Assign new IP address, then click OK.

4. Argent will automatically update all relevant records. A command prompt will pop-up and disappear quickly, for example.

5. Validate to ensure node is correctly renamed.

In other case, customer could have added a network device using customized node name WITH explicit node property Alternative IP, for example.

Updating IP Address for the above scenario involves more steps, as below.

1. Update Alternative IP in CMDB-X Node Properties.

2. Update Alternative IP for Licensed Node Properties, repeat for each Argent AT product.