KBI 311994 How To Reinstall A Trusted Argent


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Monday, 20 June 2022


This article describes how to reinstall a Trusted Agent

Technical Background

Trusted Agents are the same as remote engines in Argent XT products. Trusted Agents are the workhorses who do the heavy lifting and monitoring work on a remote machine.


Pushing Out Agent

Administration > Engine Manager > Trusted Agents

You must first delete Trusted Agent

After deleting, you may now reinstall by selecting “New Trusted Agent”

See Trusted Agent Website for more information

Remote Installation

Run setup.exe in your Argent download folder

Select “Trusted Agent” for the correct product

Enter name of Argent Main Engine

Enter server account and password

Click on Install

The Trusted Agent will automatically establish a connection with the Main Engine

See Trusted Agent Website for more information