KBI 312059 Access Denied: Error Code 5 when trying to use NDE_API_CONNECT Rule


Argent Advanced Technology — All versions


Monday, 10 July 2023


If the server has been up for a long time, there is a tendency for the NDE_ API_CONNECT rule to return with “Access Denied: Error Code 5”

The issue is caused by an unknown Microsoft error, the password caching is performed incorrectly by the OS

If the customer has a Group Policy to lock out the account after several failed attempts there is a good chance the account will become locked because the NDE_API_CONNECT rule uses the credentials multiple times in short amount of time

Technical Background

If the user logs on as the service account and manually tests the NDE_API_CONNECT rule, it will pass

If the user specifies a engine when testing the NDE_API_CONNECT rule, the rule will fail


Change the Custom Service Recycle Settings from weekly to daily and restart Argent Guardian Ultra Service

Open Argent Guardian Ultra

In the lefthand column, select “Control Information”

In the Control Information column on the left side of the screen expand out Administration>Engine Manager>Supervising Engine

Right click in the blank space at the bottom right of the page

Select “Custom Service Recycle Settings”

In the “Custom Service Recycle” screen, select “Midnight (Default)” to switch the recycling setting from occuring once a week to every day at midnight

Click OK

Open Windows Service Control Manager and find the “Argent Guardian Ultra” service and right click on the service and select “Restart”