KBI 312060 Locked Out Of Argent Omega Web Console


Argent Omega – All Versions


Tuesday, 16 July 2023


Agent Omega has locked the customer out of the web console, but Active Directory has not locked out the user

The issue is only relevant to logging into Argent Omega web console

Technical Background

Argent Omega uses Active Directory to authenticate logging into the Web console.

After multiple attempts of logging into the web console with the incorrect password the account will be locked out

The user can be locked out of the Argent Omega web console, but not Active Directory


Verify the user can still login to the Argent Omega server as the Argent Service account (or relevant Argent Omega user account)

This will help identify that the issue is only with Argent Omega login and not Active Directory

To resolve, log into Argent Omega as a different user and change the “Locked Out” status of the preferred user

Log into Argent Omega Web interface with a different user

In the “Search” field type in the word “Security” and then in the results click on “Security” with the purple icon

On the Security screen double click on the user you want to unlock
In the Logon Account/Group Information pop-up window , click the “Unlock” button

You can now log out and log back into the locked out account