KBI 312066 Enhancement: Advanced Web UI Configuration Option In Argent Omega


Argent Omega 2.2A-2307-A and above


Tuesday, 8 Aug 2023


Advanced Web UI Configuration Option in Argent Omega.

Technical Background

Argent Omega enhanced with a new option, Advanced Web UI Configuration, which helps to configure the different settings for Argent Omega.

Below is the screenshot of the new option listing in the Home screen right-click menu:

Use Automatic Logon

This option helps to automatically login to Argent Omega using the credentials provided.

The Keep Me Signed In option allows you to stay logged in until you sign out manually.

Hide Side Bar

This option is used to Hide or Show the left side bar in Argent Omega.

If Hide Side Bar option is unchecked:

If Hide Side Bar option is checked:

JavaScript Heap Usage Exceeds nnn %

Using this option, the user can opt to reload the application if the JavaScript heap usage (%) exceeds the specified value.

By checking this option, Argent Omega WUI will be automatically reloaded when the heap usage exceeds the specified value.

It also shows the current heap usage. A high value indicates high memory usage or a memory leak in the application.

Screen Loading Exceeds nnn Seconds

If you check this option and specify a time limit in seconds, the application will be reloaded if the screen loading time exceeds the specified number of seconds.

Click the Reset button to reset all values to default.


Upgrade to Argent Omega 2.2A-2307-A or above