KBI 312067 Queue Not Found Error In Argent WorldView When Submitting A Job


Argent WorldView – All Versions


Thursday, 10 Aug 2023


Argent WorldView is showing ‘Queue Not Found’ error when submitting a Job to two Argent Queue Engines

Technical Background

While submitting a Job from Argent WorldView to two Argent Queue Engines, the following error message is shown:

Log contains messages as shown below:

This is a user error. The Queues field in Job Templates table missing \n where the actual value expected is \r\n between each Argent Queue Engine name.

The script file got updated after the user opens the exported database file using some text editor apps before exporting to AWS.


To resolve the issue, need to execute an SQL query in Argent Job Scheduler database

Please contact Argent support for further assistance