KBI 312070 Argent Web Defender Not Firing Alerts


Argent Omega & Argent AT any version


Friday, 1 September 2023


If alerts are not being sent out when a website has issues, there is likely a configuration issue

There are several places to verify configuration

Technical Background

  1. Check CMDB-X
    When adding your website into CMDB-X, make sure you use ‘URL Object’ as the ‘Type’

    Also ensure that you have applied a license, and that you insert the website address into the ‘URL Path’ field in the properties, then save

  2. Verify Rule Settings Used In Relator

    In the website rules you leverage in the Relator, ensure that you have ‘Post Event Even If The Same Event Is Still Outstanding’ enabled

    If you leave this unchecked, the event won’t post if there is an outstanding, unanswered event

  3. Verify Relator Settings

    On the ‘What To Monitor’ tab ensure that the websites in question are included either individually or as a part of a Monitoring Group

    On the ‘What To Run’ tab ensure that you have added the desired web-based rules to run

    On the ‘When To Run’ tab ensure that you have enabled ‘Repeat Task’ and set an appropriate ‘Repetition Interval’

    If you have the ‘Repetition Interval’ set too high, the website might go down and come back up before the alert is ever ran

    If you have the ‘Repetition Interval’ set too low (every 10 seconds as an example) the target website may reject the rules connection attempts as they are seen as excessive or malicious – this may cause false positive alerts

    Finding a happy medium for your ‘Repetition Interval’ is important – if you have different expectations for groups of websites, consider creating a new Monitoring Group and Relator with separate configuration