KBI 312069 Features Available in Argent Omega Lite vs Argent Omega


All versions of Argent Omega


Monday, 21 August 2023


Argent Omega Lite is a zero-cost version of Argent Omega with basic monitoring capabilities

Argent Omega Lite is installed by skipping the input of a license file during the Argent Omega installation

This document describes the differences in functionality between Argent Omega Lite and Argent Omega

Technical Background

When installing Argent Omega, on the screen asking for a license key, if the box “Use Argent Omega Lite License” remains checked then Argent Omega Lite will be installed

Argent Omega Lite is valid for 30 days, no key required

After 30 days the user must contact an Argent Software Account Manager for a free Argent Omega Lite key (2 year term, renewable)

A switch to full Argent Omega may be made at any point in time after contacting an Argent Software Account Manager and requesting a license switch


Argent Omega licensing determines what “rules” or “tool sets” are available for monitoring tasks

Argent Omega Lite’s “rules” focus on two types of monitoring, SNMP and Active Directory

A “rule” or “tool set” in Argent Omega is a specific value or metric we are collecting from a device

“Rules” in simple terms are considered “what to check”

Rules can be specific metrics on a machine, a specific device behavior, up or down status or an expected event code

In addition to SNMP and Active Directory, Argent Omega Lite also includes SLA rules and SSL Certificate rules

The SLA rules test if a device is up via a TCP/IP ping and can create an alert if the device doesn’t respond

The SSL Certificate rules help validate an SSL certificate is present, valid and whether or not it will expire in the near future

Any blacked out folders in the Argent Omega Lite interface are features only available in the full version of Argent Omega

Argent Omega Lite has the same full SNMP monitoring capabilities as it does in Argent Omega

Argent Omega Lite has all of the features for Active Directory monitoring EXCEPT Windows Service Rules and Windows Performance Rules

These two rules are reserved for the fully licensed version of Argent Omega