KBI 312115 – Issue Addressed: Argent AT Migration Tool Does Not Import All Performance Rules


Argent Omega 2.2A-2307-B or earlier


Thursday, 28 September 2023


When a user leverages the Argent Omega Migration Tool to import Argent AT Rules into Argent Omega, it might be found that only partial or none of Windows Performance Rules are imported.
Further checking the migration logs, in Warning and Errors section, following line can be found:

*** FAILED *** Importing Argent Guardian Ultra Rules (Object reference not set to an instance of an object)

Technical Background

Coding error.
It happens when Argent Guardian Ultra backup contains an empty Windows Performance Rule with no criteria specified.


Upgrade to Argent Omega 2.2A-2307-B (Build: 2.2.2309.28) or later

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