KBI 312135 Optimal Process for Migrating Argent AT to Argent Omega


Argent AT and Argent Omega — All Versions


Wednesday, 22 November 2023


This article lays out a more streamlined and optimal process for migrating a customer’s Argent AT environment over to Argent Omega.

Ensure you have a clean, freshly set up test environment with the latest version of Argent Omega installed for use.

Technical Background

Step 1 – Export and Retrieve Argent AT configuration:
Inform the customer that you will need to export the Argent AT product settings from their environment.

Export the Product settings as CXP files for each of the Argent AT products– you will be using these files to perform and test / verify the migration process on a separate test environment.

Refer to this article on how to Export the Product Settings in Argent AT as CXP files:

Step 2 – Internal Testing and Conversion:
Rather than perform the migration entirely in the customer’s environment, you will test and verify the CXP configuration files internally in your own test environment.

This helps avoid any undue delays due to dependency on customer availability to oversee or arrange your access to their environment.

In the Argent Omega test environment, import the CXP files that you retrieved from the customer environment using the Argent Omega Migration Tool.

Ensure no errors or issues for the Rules, Relators, Monitoring Groups, Alerts, Devices / Nodes in CMDB-X, Network Groups, Credential Objects, and so on.

Step 3 – Perform Migration in customer environment:
Once the internal Testing and Verification is completed, inform the customer that you are ready to perform the actual Argent Omega Migration in their environment.

Ensure the customer will not access or make any changes to the existing Argent AT environment during the Migration process.



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