KBI 312136 – How to Connect to A server with a Different Set of Credentials or on a Separate Domain


Argent Omega all versions


Monday, 13 November 2023


This document explains how to associate unique connectivity credentials to a single device when monitoring with Argent Omega

The unique credentials also allow Argent Omega to monitor devices in a different domain

Technical Background

By default, Argent Omega will store the Active Directory credentials established during the install

Argent Omega uses these credentials to authenticate and monitor Windows machines

But there may be times when a customer needs to use specific credentials to connect to a device

Or if the Windows machine is in a different domain, a customer would need to specify that domain when connecting to the machine


How to associate custom credentials with a device
Open the Argent Omega web GUI and login

On the main home page click on the search bar and type ‘CMDB-X’ and select ‘CMDB-X’ from the search results


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If the device is already added to the CMDB-X skip this step

Add the device by selecting ‘Sever or Device’ in the top right corner of the CMDB-X window and from the drop-down menu choose ‘Manually Add Server or Device’

In the ‘Manually Add an Entry’ window enter the new device information then click ‘OK’

Once the device is added to Argent Omega, select the device by clicking on it in the CMDB-X

In the right-hand side column called ‘Properties’ expand out the ‘Authentication’ section

Enter the unique credentials in the ‘Logon User’ and ‘Password’ fields by double clicking on each blank field and typing information in the popup windows

If the Windows device is in a different domain specify the new domain when entering credentials

‘Logon User’ should be formatted as ‘[domain]\[username]’

To save the credentials click on the check button in the top menu bar

After saving the credentials, test the connectivity between Argent Omega and the device by clicking on the chain link icon in the top menu bar

In the ‘Select Generator to Run Connectivity Test’ specify the Argent Omega server you want to test the connectivity from and click ‘OK’

If the connectivity test was successful Argent Omega should be able to pull in information from the device like CPU metrics, OS version and the time zone of the device

For further assistance, please contact Argent on Instant Help at