KBI 312138 Issue Addressed: SQL Query Rule Run by Service Fails Randomly but Rule Test Always Return Correct Result    


Argent Omega 2.2A-2310-A or earlier


Monday, 18 December 2023


SQL Query Rule in Argent Omega for SQL Server generates alerts randomly. Events might be automatically resolved in the next runs. However, when testing Rule interactively in Web UI, correct results are always returned.

The issue has been addressed in Argent Omega 2.2A-2401-A.

Technical Background

It is caused by a coding error. There can be a race condition when running multiple Rules concurrently using the same Argent Omega Executor pool, which generates unpredictable results.


Upgrade to Argent Omega 2.2.2401-A or later.
For customers who cannot upgrade immediately, make sure to use option ‘Spawn New Task Executor Process’ for Relators that run SQL Query Rule. This can avoid the race condition though the option has some performance cost.

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