KBI 311302 Issue Addressed: On Editing An Alert Dragged From Tree Into Alert Escalation Plan In A Relator, No Alert Is Found Selected


Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1507-A and earlier


Monday, 19 October 2015


Addressed the issue that on editing an Alert dragged from the tree into ‘Alert Escalation Plan’ in a Relator, no Alerts are found selected

Technical Background

Argent Global Manager faces an issue while editing an Alert which is dragged from the tree into ‘Alert Escalation Plan’ in a Relator

Double clicking on this Alert pops up a sub window without selection of the Alert and on clicking OK button a message forcing to specify the Alert pops up as shown below:

It is seen that after selecting an Alert from the tree, OK button doesn’t allow clicking and on clicking the Cancel button the Alert gets updated in ‘Alert Escalation Plan’ with the new selection


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1510-A or later