KBI 311332 New Feature: Argent for Java In Argent Global Manager


Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1601-A and later


Monday, 28 December 2015


Argent Global Manager has been enhanced with a new product ‘Argent for Java’ which provides the complete monitoring of both Java Virtual Machines (JVM) and their residing servers via JMX (Java Management Extensions) technology

Technical Background

Argent for Java monitors the various statistics of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) such as

  • CPU Usage Of A JVM
  • CPU Time Used By A JVM
  • Total Survivor Space Utilization
  • Eden Space Utilization
  • Old Space Utilization
  • Total Heap Memory Utilization
  • Permanent Space Utilization
  • Code Cache Utilization
  • Total Non-Heap Memory Utilization
  • Live Thread Count
  • Live Daemon Thread Count
  • Peak Live Thread Count
  • Total Threads Started Count
  • Total CPU Time For All Threads
  • Deadlocked Threads
  • Uptime Of The Java Virtual Machine
  • Total Classes Loaded
  • Current Classes Loaded
  • Total Compilation Time
  • Swap Space Usage And Physical Memory Usage


Upgrade to Argent Global Manager 3.1A-1601-A or later