KBI 311607 Enhancement: Alerts Dashboard, All Products And Archived Events In Argent Global Manager


Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R1 and above


Friday, 2 February 2018


Argent Global Manager 5.1-A-R1 has the following enhancements

  • Enhanced with new screen ‘Alerts Dashboard’
  • Enhanced with new module ‘All Products’ in left panel
  • Enhanced with a new option ‘Archived Events’ under Settings tab to list all the previously added Events

Technical Background

‘Alerts Dashboard’

Argent Global Manager 5.1-A-R1 has been enhanced with a new screen ‘Alerts Dashboard’

‘Alerts Dashboard’ is a centralized view of all Alerts in a single screen

These Alerts can be filtered by product, priority, status, network group and location

There is also an option to filter the Alerts using its firing period

To filter the table further, a search option ‘Super Search’ is also provided

Alerts Dashboard screen displays count of critical unanswered Alerts in past 24 hours, Alerts fired in past 24 hours and Alerts fired in past 7 days

It also gives information about the top alerting hosts and top alerting Rules

‘Week By Week – Past 6 Months’ graph gives a quick view of Alerts fired in different months

‘All Products’ Module

Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R1 has been enhanced with a new module ‘All Products’ in left panel

Various sub modules added under All Products module are

  • SuperFind
  • Orphans
  • Device Magic
  • Rules
  • Relators
  • Alerts
  • Monitoring Groups
  • Macros
  • Calendars

‘Archived Events’

Argent Global Manager is now enhanced with a new option ‘Archived Events’ under Settings tab to list the entire previously added Events

Archived Events, an existing option of Argent Advanced Technology has been implemented in Argent Global Manager version 5.1A-R1

The screen lists all the previously Archived Events of the selected product from the specific database

The Events can be filtered by Event Time Range, Monitoring Group and Node

For more information on Argent Global Manager 5.1A-R1 new features and enhancements, please see the following article:



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