KBI 310782 New Feature: Vital System Health Check During GUI Startup


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-A and later


Monday, 16 Dec 2013


The Argent AT Engine can shut down because of one of following conditions:

  • Out of disk space for database
  • Low disk space on installation disk (Less than 100 MB)
  • Low physical memory (Less than 512 MB)
  • Insufficient CPU (Less than a Pentium 166 MHz processor)

The first step is to check service logs when an Argent AT Engine shuts down unexpectedly

The Argent AT GUI is now enhanced to check these vital system health parameters during startup so that customer can see the issues interactively

Technical Background

The requirement on free SQL DB space is soft, controlled by registry ‘MIN_DB_FREE_PERCENT‘ (default: 5) and ‘MIN_DB_FREE_MB‘ (default: 100)

The checking is disabled if the correspondent registry is set to ZERO

If SQL backend is Oracle, the used Oracle account must have SELECT access to following three system tables or views in order to get the DB usage information:

  • dba_data_files
  • dba_free_space
  • dba_users

DBA can grant the access within SQL/Plus with sysdba privileges by running following commands:

GRANT SELECT ON dba_data_files TO XXXX;

GRANT SELECT ON dba_free_space TO XXXX;



Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-A or later