KBI 310797 New Feature: How To Determine AT Object Security GSO


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-A and later


Thursday, 9 Jan 2014


Argent AT 3.1A-1401-A implements full features of product security covering both individual objects and object folders

The Argent AT object security can be either explicitly or implicitly defined

The product default security is assumed if the security is not defined anywhere

Technical Background

Customers can define object and folder security explicitly by invoking the ‘Security‘ in context menu, which brings up the typical object security definition dialog box

Customers can either use pre-defined GSO policies or define access rights for explicit groups or users

The Global Security Objects are defined in product security screen

These objects are shared among all Argent AT products

They can be thought of as a security macro that can be reused throughout Argent AT products

The Argent AT security algorithm is quite sophisticated though the basic idea is simple:

  • If security is explicitly defined, use it. If not, check the parent folder
  • If folder security is explicitly defined, use it
  • If folder security is not explicitly defined, check whether its name matches one of the Global Security Objects (GSO). If any is matched, use the GSO security
  • If folder security is not defined either explicitly or implicitly, check its immediate parent folder until the tree root
  • If security is not defined anywhere, use the product default security

Following flow chart explains the algorithm:


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