KBI 310886 Issue Addressed: Could Not Locate Column EXTENDED_RESULT_VC25 In Argent for Compliance


Argent for Compliance 3.1A-1401-E or below


Tuesday, 18 Mar 2014


When customer inspects Argent for Compliance service log, he may notice error messages like following:

07 Mar 2014 11:43:12.839 NH-APP1-2K8 BTA\argent 

***** ERROR ***** An error condition has been detected by ArgSoft_DAL_Common.cpp (L3030_GetFieldColumnTypes) at line 2166: 

DAL could not locate column 'EXTENDED_RESULT_VC25' within table


Technical Background

It is a coding error

The column name should be ‘EXTENDED_RESULT_VC256

The issue happens when Engine archives security audit events for Network Policy And Access Service

Customer generally won’t notice it as it is not a significant issue for two reasons:

  1. The column is not used in built-in Compliance Reports
  2. It is not very common to have audit events for Network Policy And Access Service Compliance Reports


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1401-T4 or later

If Customer cannot upgrade immediately, he can manually add the column ‘EXTENDED_RESULT_VC256‘ to the table