KBI 310967 Issue Addressed: Unable To Set Trusted Agent Global Settings At Main Engine


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1404-A or earlier


Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Trusted Agent has many important system settings saved in registry

The common ones include following:

  • MAX_ENGINE_MEMORY_MB_USAGE – Maximum memory usage allowed
  • MAX_ENGINE_HANDLE_USAGE – Maximum handle usage allowed
  • MAX_ENGINE_CPU_USAGE – Maximum CPU usage allowed
  • RULE_ENGINE_MAX_RUN_SECONDS – Maximum running time for shared Monitoring Engine process before recycling
  • RULE_ENGINE_THREAD_LIMIT – Worker thread limit for shared Monitoring Engine process
  • USE_XT_STYLE_UNIX_ALERT – The detail of a broken UNIX Rule composes of text of both sections ‘SUMMARY‘ and ‘COMMENT

    It is for the backward compatibility with customer migrated from XT

  • MAX_PING_BLAST_THREAD_COUNT – Worker thread limit to run Ping Blast (new option in System Down Rule)

Argent for VMware has some product specific ones too

They include following:

  • DEFAULT_VCENTER_SERVER_1 – vCenter or ESX host
  • DEFAULT_VCENTER_SERVER_2 – vCenter or ESX host
  • DEFAULT_VCENTER_LOGON – vCenter or ESX logon account
  • DEFAULT_VCENTER_PASSWORD – vCenter or ESX logon password
  • DEFAULT_VCENTER_PORT – vCenter or ESX TCP port
  • DEFAULT_VCENTER_PROTOCOL – vCenter or ESX communication protocol
  • USE_POWERCLI_X86_ALWAYS – True if use 32-bit PowerCLI always
  • TURBO_MODE – True if Turbo Mode is turned on
  • TURBO_CUSTOM_SETTINGS – Turbo Mode custom setting string

In earlier version, customer has to edit these registries on each Trusted Agent if he decides to customize

It can be very time consuming and error-prone

Argent AT 3.1A-1404-T4 is enhanced so that these settings are automatically propagated from Main Engine to Trusted Agents

Technical Background



Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1404-T4 or later