KBI 310968 Issue Addressed: System Event Of Offline Trusted Agent Might Be Fired When Argent AT Main Engine Restarts


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1404-A or earlier


Wednesday, 18 June 2014


When Argent AT service at Main Engine recycles during midnight, or is restarted manually by customer, system Events of offline Trusted Agent might be fired

The issue is corrected at Argent AT 3.1A-1404-T4

Technical Background

When Main Engine is contacted by a Trusted Agent, it updates the Heartbeat column in Argent SQL table

If Main Engine takes a few minutes to start up, the Heartbeat column will not be updated during the period of time

As a result, Main Engine may see the Trusted Agent as offline

The code has been enhanced to tell if service just starts

It won’t check the Trusted Agent status until it settles


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1404-T4 or later