KBI 310974 New Feature: Record And Test Web Session On Argent Defender Trusted Agent


Argent Defender 3.1A-1404-T4 or above


Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Customer may have to deploy Argent Defender Trusted Agents in order to test websites from certain network segment

A typical example is to view website from Internet externally

Sometimes the website behaves differently when viewing from different network segment

If customer records the Web Session on Main Engine, the script may not run properly on Trusted Agent

Customer also needs a way to verify visually the correctness of script when running on Trusted Agent

Argent Defender 3.1A-1404-T4 is enhanced to make both possible

Argent Defender Web Session Editor (CYCLOPS_SCRIPT_EDITOR.EXE) is installed as part of Trusted Agent

When it is invoked on Trusted Agent machine, it displays following screen:

Customer can download and test existing Web Session scripts, he can also edit existing or create new scripts

After he has done, he can upload the updated script to the Main Engine

Technical Background

Argent Defender Web Session Editor talks to the same port on Main Engine as the Trusted Agent does

As a result, no need to tweak firewall for the Web Session Editor


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1404-T4 or above