KBI 311164 New Feature: Enhanced Web Session Test Results To Debug Error When Finding Element On Web Page’


Argent Defender 3.1A-1501-T1 or later


Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015


Before putting a recorded web session into production, a test run is always needed

The most common error message in testing and debugging is ‘Error when finding element on web page’

The cause can be either web page does not contain the desired element, or the script statement uses a wrong element qualification

It is quite difficult to debug by simply viewing the page

A new feature has been added to display what elements the Argent Defender sees on the page

Comparing the new feature’s output with the script statement makes the debugging far easier

Use help.argent.com as an example

Assume the user wants to enter ‘SNMP’ into the search text box

The correct statement should be: TextBox ( “”, “search”) = “SNMP”

But a common mistake is often to enter instead: TextBox ( “”, “search2” ) = “SNMP”

The search text box has name ‘search’ not ‘search2’

As a result, the script will fail with log:

Error when finding element on web page ‘https://help.argent.com/#introduction’ (TextBox ( “”, “search2” ) = “SNMP”)

Prior to this new feature, determining the error was often difficult, as the screenshot seems correct

With the addition of the new feature, in the Argent Defender the test result include what are on page

Technical Background

The new feature is extremely useful for pages with complicated client side scripting

The client side script may changes the element attributes on the fly

The actual element matching attributes recorded may not be the same as ones when Argent Defender Engine runs the web session


Upgrade to Argent Defender 3.1A-1501-T1 or later