KBI 311386 New Rule Category XenApp Server Load Rule In Argent for XenApp


Argent Advanced Technology 1601-T8 and later


Friday, 29 April 2016


Argent Advanced Technology has been introduced a new Rule category‘XenApp Server Load Rules’ in Argent for XenApp under ‘XenApp Server Monitoring Rules’ to check the server load of XenApp 6.5 servers


‘XenApp Server Load Rules’ check whether the server load of XenApp 6.5 Server, matches the threshold condition

Rule ‘RULE_SERVER_LOAD_AT_LIMIT’ is broken, if the server load of XenApp Server is greater than 4,000

Technical Background

The load evaluator is a thread in the IMA Service on a XenApp Server that calculates the load index for that server

The load index is an integer value from 0 to 10,000 that represents how busy is XenApp server

A value reaching 10,000 shows the heavy load on the server and should be inspected immediately

This Rule compares the server load of XenApp Servers with the given threshold value


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 1601-T8 or later