KBI 311385 New Rule Category Session Usage Time Rule In Argent for XenApp


Argent Advanced Technology 1601-T8 and later


Friday, 29 April 2016


Argent Advanced Technology has been introduced a new Rule category ‘Session Usage Time Rules’ in Argent for XenApp under ‘XenApp Application Monitoring Rules’ to check whether the session usage time of any application in XenApp 6.5 servers matches the threshold condition


‘Session Usage Time Rules’ checks the usage time of all ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) sessions in XenApp 6.5 servers

Rule ‘RULE_SESS_USG_AT_LIMIT’ is broken, if the session usage time of any application in XenApp server is greater than 2,880 minutes (two days)

Technical Background

Sessions are created on the XenApp server, when the client tries to access applications in XenApp 6.5 servers through Web Interface

The session is the core of the XenApp experience

So, it is necessary to monitor the session usage of each application in XenApp 6.5 servers

This Rule informs if usage time of a session for any application in XenApp server, matches the threshold condition


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 1601-T8 or later