KBI 311595 Enhancement: New Rule Category To Monitor The Delta Of MBeans Attribute Value Within A Time Frame In Argent for Java


Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1710-C and above


Friday, 15 December 2017


Argent for Java has been enhanced with a new Rule that offers the facility to monitor the difference in values of specified attributes within a time frame and Alert based on the difference

Technical Background

Argent for Java provides ‘Custom MBeans Attributes Rules’ to fetch and monitor a specific MBean attribute values

More details on these Rules can be found on the following link:


The existing ‘Custom MBeans Attributes Rule’ monitors the absolute value of a particular MBean

However there are scenarios in which the difference values within a time frame of an MBean is more significant rather than the absolute values

For example, to monitor the performance of a Garbage Collector named ‘Concurrent Mark Sweep’ between 9AM to 11AM and Alert if the difference in Garbage Collection count in this time frame exceeds a particular threshold

This is achieved in two steps

Firstly, the existing ‘Custom MBeans Attributes Rule’ is to be configured as shown in the following image to read and store the absolute values in the Object/Counter/Instance format

Secondly, configure the new Rule category named ‘Custom MBeans Attribute Delta Rules’ to calculate the delta of a specific Object/Counter/Instance’s values

Following is the screenshot of new ‘Custom MBeans Attribute Delta Rule’ :

The Load Objects button polulates all the Objects Names from database

Upon selecting any Object name, it auto fills its corresponding Counters which in turn autofills its corresponding Instances

The Find Options allows to fetch data from database table

  • Between specified Hours
  • Last nnn Hours/Minutes

The Delta Filter Options allows to specify the following conditions

  • Delta Of Any Two Consecutive Values Recorded WithIn The Time Period
  • Delta Of Maximum And Minimum Values Recorded WithIn The Time Period
  • Delta Of Values Recorded At The Specified Times


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1710-C or above