KBI 311756 Issue Addressed: Unable To Set Sender Email Address For Round Trip Test Rule In Argent Sentry Ultra


Argent Advanced Technology 1904-B and below


Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Argent Sentry Ultra does not have the facility to specify the Sender Email Address for Email Round Trip Test Rule

As a result, email messages are sent from and to the same address and this causes the email to be rejected by some SMTP servers (for example Gmail) and it get bounced back to the sender

Technical Background

Argent Sentry Ultra provides Round Trip Rule to monitor Email Send/Receive performance

The Rule uses SMTP protocol to send the Email and POP3 to retrieve the Email

Following details needs to be configured in License Node Properties screen to send the Email using SMTP in Email Round Trip Rule:

  • SMTP User ID
  • SMTP Password
  • Recipient Address
  • Use SSL or not
  • Mail Server Name
  • Port
  • Sender Domain
  • Encoding

Currently the Sender (From) address and Recipient address are set as the same

Since From and To addresses are the same, some SMTP servers (for example Gmail) rejects the Email and it get bounced back to the sender

The issue has been addressed by providing an option to specify Sender Email Address in Licensed Node Properties screen of Internet Email Object as shown below:


Upgrade to Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1904-C or above