KBI 310594 New Feature: Configurable Maximum Map Width for SuperMaps, EAVs and CeoConsoles


Argent Commander 3.0A-1307-A and above


Wed, 3 July 2013


All Argent Commander map-based features such as Argent SuperMaps, Enterprise Application Views (EAVs), and CeoConsoles now have an option to configure the maximum width and height allowed for all map modules before scaling occurs

Technical Background

When maps are overly large, they are scaled down so they fit nicely on the screen, based on a maximum width and maximum height

For customers with very large screens, customers may want to configure the map to scale at a much larger width or height

Other customers may want to keep their maps smaller so they can show multiple maps on the same page, preserving screen real-estate

This setting is controlled in the ARGSOFT_INTERNAL_SETTINGS.XML file, under the XML entries LARGE_MAP_HEIGHT_LIMIT, LARGE_MAP_WIDTH_LIMIT, SMALL_MAP_HEIGHT_LIMIT, and SMALL_MAP_HEIGHT_LIMIT (for half-sized maps)

The values are in pixels, and the setting applies to all users — if the values are blank, the Argent Commander defaults are used

The calculation for scaling works like this:

* If the map’s width (in pixels) is greater than the ‘Maximum Width’, the map’s width is scaled down to the ‘Maximum Width’ to obtain the Scale Factor

* The ‘Scale Factor’ is also applied to the height, to ensure the width and height ratios remain the same (otherwise the image becomes distorted)

* If the resultant height is also greater than the ‘Maximum Height’, the map’s height is scaled down to the ‘Maximum Height’, and a second Scale Factor is obtained, and applied onto the width

* At this point, both the width and height will be less than the Maximum Width and Maximum Height

* The Scale Factor is subsequently re-used for the calculation of dots and label-positioning


Upgrade to Argent Commander 3.1A-1307-A or above