KBI 900005 Enhancement: Improved Performance For Customers WIth Large Number of Servers


Argent Commander 5.0A-1610-B or later


Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Initial loading times of Argent Commander have been greatly enhanced for customers with 300+ servers.

Technical Background

For customers with many servers, the initial load time may take minutes to complete.

This is caused by an optional Argent Commander feature that loads and caches the list of “Installed Applications” for each server in the CMDB-X.

In prior versions, the loading and caching was always done, regardless if the feature was enabled or not.

This enhancement was added in version 1501-A, and causes the ‘Application’ column in the Argent Commander Console to display the “Installed Applications” for each server.

This feature is enabled by the internal XML entry <CONSOLE_APPLICATION_USE_CMDBX VALUE=”0″>

A value of “0” is the default behavior, which means the Argent Commander Console does NOT show the CMDB-X Installed Applications.

A value of “1” forces the Argent Commander Console to use the CMDB-X Installed Applications list instead.

The loading and caching is now ONLY done if the option is enabled.


Upgrade to Argent Commander 5.0A-1610-A or later