KBI 986013 New Feature: Screenshots for Instances That Raise Alerts Viewable In Waterfall Viewer


Argent Defender Ultra 6.1A-1707-A or above


Tuesday, 15 August 2017


When an Argent Defender Ultra Recorded Session encounters any errors, all screenshots will be saved temporarily on the local Argent Defender Ultra server for up to seven days.

Screenshots can be viewed in the Waterfall Viewer when loading the Waterfalls for an instance that had Alerts detected.

Technical Background

All screenshots for production instances are saved into the Argent Defender Ultra “SCREENSHOTS/INSTANCE_NUMBER” folder.

Customers can manually clear this folder if required, but not that the Waterfall Viewer will not show any screenshots (as they would have been all cleared)


Upgrade to Argent Defender Ultra 6.1A-1707-A or above