KBI 311794 Enhancement: New Options in Argent Job Scheduler to Alert When a Job Is Held, Cancelled, or Changed


Argent Job Scheduler 2001-A and above


Friday, 27 January 2020


The Argent Job Scheduler GUI has been enhanced with options to alert when a Job is Held, Cancelled, or changed by any user.

Technical Background

Argent Job Scheduler has been enhanced with three new options to alert when a user does the following:

  1. Places a Job on Hold
  2. Cancels a Job
  3. Changes a Job using the option ‘Edit Job Attributes Before Execution’

The options can be set at the Job Template level and are provided in the Limits components of the Job Template definition screen, as shown below.

Notify When Job Is Held

Notify When Job Is Cancelled

Notify When Job Is Changed


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 2001-A or above