KBI 311867 Issue Addressed: Argent Job Scheduler Fails To Submit Jobs


Argent Job Scheduler 2001-A and 2003-A


Friday, 11 September 2020


Argent Job Scheduler fails to submit Jobs to any of the connected Argent Queue Engines

The log file AJSMAIN_SQL_LOG.TXT shows repeated lines, such as “Outstanding Connection Count Reaches Threshold 30 (Current: 41).”

Technical Background

An enhancement was done in Argent Job Scheduler in 2001-A version to optionally alert when a Job is Held, Cancelled or Changed

Relevant reading : https://help.argent.com/knowledge-base/release-notes/argent-job-scheduler/kbi-311794-enhancement-new-options-in-argent-job-scheduler-to-alert-when-a-job-is-held-cancelled-or-changed/kbi-311794-enhancement-new-options-in-argent-job-scheduler-to-alert-when-a-job-is-held-cancelled-or-changed/

The ODBC connection created while processing the WO file to fire the alert is not released back to the connection pool currently

This causes the active connection count to gradually build up and cross the threshold value of 30

This is a coding issue and the issue has been addressed in Argent Job Scheduler 2010-A


Upgrade to Argent Job Scheduler 2010-A or above